Is it possible to take the test in English (or another language)?
Unfortunately it's not possible to take the Dutch amateur radio test in another language than Dutch. Due to a ruling by Agentschap Telecom (Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands) exams in The Netherlands are only available in the Dutch language. We are not allowed to deviate from this by offering a translation.

So there are two possibilities:

The hard way: learn Dutch first and then prepare for the exams using Dutch study material. The technical part you could probably also learn from other sources, but in order to understand the regulations for the amateur service in our country, a reasonable command of the Dutch language is required.

Prepare for exams in English using course material from the Radio Society of Great Britain ( and take the exams in the UK. We must however warn you, that this may take quite some time and additional travelling to an exam location in the UK, as you will have to complete all three exam levels sequentially in the British ‘Three tier system’ (Foundation, Intermediate and Full) in order to obtain the F-certificate and a HAREC-document (Harmonized Amateur Radio Examination Certificate) which is recognized in the Netherlands as in most other European countries and quite a few countries across the world.

Unfortunately, the British Foundation and Intermediate licences have no international recognition, you will have to push through to the highest level (Full). On presenting your HAREC document, you can apply with Agentschap Telecom for a permanent F-class Dutch amateur radio licence which will give you access to all amateur bands, all modes and with a transmitting power of 400 W on most of them. See also: